Peep Over the Fence

Many accept what they are taught at the knee and what they were told is true by the church without question. They believe these mental concepts until a spiritual experience rips a hole into the fabric of their belief system. They have observed truth contrary to their mental programming or beyond the given paradigm.

This book will expose many Christian myths that are accepted as true. This book will present the origin of many erroneous Christian dogmas that were forced upon the Western culture in the battle between church and state for wealth, power, and control.

This will take a look at the elementary concepts of Genesis, the story of the writing and then the rewriting of the Christian Bible. It will expose how the abolishment of reincarnation and the eradication of many other eastern religious concepts were the byproduct of politics and not truth. The book will uncover the development of the ridiculous rules against sexuality, the inaccurate and flawed concepts used to establish the anti-abortion movement, and the obsolete concepts of heaven. The content also dares to examine the creation of the myth that Jesus’s birth, death, and resurrection were for the salvation of the western civilization.

This book will present other religious ideals that contradict the Christian-based dogmas. From this peek over the fence at other religious concepts, many can then freely choose truth from the heart instead of the mind.

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