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I was on a roll! I was the chiropractor extraordinaire and I was doing the act big time. Then came the incident that changed my life. We all believe that God is all Knowing and Powerful. Why then do we not trust His Divine Spirit to run our lives? Why then do we question and doubt Divine Spirit? Why did this happen?

I went as far as I could go spiritually under the circumstance. I had to let go of the vanity of social consciousness in order to take the next step within my sacred heart. It had to happen because my real commitment was to realize that I am soul, then grow in that knowledge.

I had to detach myself from the social identity in order to achieve the spiritually identity of soul. I was giving lip service to this ideal but really not walking the talk. I needed to own the higher conscious of the realization that I am a hologram of God, that sould is a mini God. From soul realization that I had to grow into the possibility of even a higher consciousness called God Realization.

I do not claim to be the enlighten one, but this is my journey into spirituality and into my sacred heart. But most importantly I discovered the “spiritual traveler”. Whose love and consciousness helped me through the ordeal of losing my social consciousness only to replace it with a love and beauty of sublime joy.

Introduction to Spiritual Traveler

The spiritual traveler is a spiritual concept that is referenced through out these books. It is developed quite extensively in Emancipation from Salvation.

“When I started to learn soul journeying, I realized that I was operating in a new domain, where there are different laws, rules and postulates governing this exploration.

When I was a child, I was taught and believed that there are guardian angels looking after us and protecting us. When I started to soul journey, my guardian angel was replaced with spiritual travelers.”

I can not say enough about the spiritual traveler because of the importance of this entity or person. Remember we are talking about spirituality not religion. We are dealing with the laws of soul not the laws of the mind.

Now spiritual master and spiritual guides are referenced throughout metaphysical writings so it is nothing new. It is just that Dax Maurice brings it to a new level of appreciation, making them real and explaining their significance to spiritual growth and emancipation.

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